Friday, July 03, 2009

Hotel Hopping

Oh, this last week and a half in Arizona was tiring. I flew into Phoenix and drove down to Rio Rico... for a couple days in order to finish up an office in Nogales (Mexican border town), then headed back on the road...(the scenery down there is gorgeous at least!) over to Tombstone... where I stayed another couple days to work an office in Douglas (another border town). Enjoyed a beautiful sunset from the hotel... before heading back to Tucson where a rainbow awaited my arrival... for the last few days to work an office there. Whew! Three hotels in less than a week! Tiring. When I go back this Sunday, it looks to be even worse... I'll be hopping back and forth among Tucson, Phoenix, Patagonia and possibly Rio Rico again, rarely in one place more than a day. I'm insisting on a better car this time! haha Of course, the Enterprise in Phoenix promised me a better car my return... so I get my travel and my company is flying my into TUCSON this time. *sigh* There is still hope! I got a really good car the one time I flew into Tucson. Beginning to think I should just leave my bags in the car and just take in a set of clothes for the following day at these hotels. haha Oh, the days of being in one hotel for a month or more...

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