Saturday, October 13, 2007

Catching Up

It's been an interesting couple weeks. I've dealt with one sick cat (on a Sunday when only the pricey vets are open) and twice-daily doses of antibiotics. You know the cat's feeling better when he runs at the sight of that pink bottle. =)

We've gone through developing our film and printing contact sheets and finally printed full size prints in class. Had out first quiz - which the teacher threw out because so many people bombed it. Seriously, this is basic photography, it's not brain surgery. *sigh* I wish they'd kick it up a notch so we could learn more than the very basics in this class.

And, at long last, I am now the proud (and very happy) owner of a DSLR. I bought a Canon 20D - along with 5 lenses, tons of filters, a 5-way reflective disk, some misc accessories and even a really good tripod and head - off a guy selling his possessions to support his family while starting a new business. It's not the newest model, but I got all that for less than it would have cost for a new one with two lenses and nothing else. I can always upgrade the body later. I'm happy. =) Now I just have to learn to use it properly...

A friend is visiting from Alaska this week. OK, technically she's visiting her parents, but I'll get to see her too, so there. =) And I may be getting a visit from an old friend from the east coast too. It's good to be somewhere people like to visit for a change. I don't have to always go see them now!

So nothing too exciting. I haven't been knitting at all. I've barely been cooking. I'm slipping on my domestic duties. =)

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