Sunday, September 16, 2007

Current WIPs

As I was photographing my stash for Ravelry (whew), I had to face up to my WIPs...

This is my oldest WIP - It's a cushion meant for the bottom of my kitty kennel (color coordinated even) and has been on the needles for a veeeeeerrrrrrry long time (years) - halfway done. I occasionally pull it out and knit a few rows before sticking it back in the bag. haha I love the cushy texture and that there's no need to carry the alternate yarn across. Pattern is from the Snuggles Project (Hugs for Homeless Animals). Someday I'll finish it. =)

Something more recent - A Gryffindor Bookscarf (Charmed Knits)! This is meant for my mom who is a HUGE Harry potter fan. I'd hoped to finish it before she finished the latest book. She's reading slowly. It may still happen. Stockinette in the round just isn't holding my attention. =(

Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting. So cute and quick to knit up. All that's left is the seeming. Um, it's been a couple weeks since I cast off... Not a big seem fan. That's why I love knitting in the round - other than stockinette apparently. =)

Latest cast on - A fabric stitch bath mitt. This is nice and smooth on one side and bumpier on the other. Perfect for face/body. I'm knitting this wide enough to fold over and seem for a mitt instead of a washcloth. So far, so good. =) The pattern is simple and the colors pretty. However, classes start Wednesday... Might put a tiny crimp in the knitting plans. =)

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