Monday, September 03, 2007

Some mornings, I should just stay in bed.

*sigh* My puppy - the goat. No one can say this guy suffers from a lack of appetite. I had the misfortune of trying out a tip from my vet this morning. The adorable puppy above got into a bag of kitty litter scoopings and had a snack. Eeeewwwwweeeee. Gross in itself, yes. Dangerous? Possibly. Clumping kitty litter + very small dog = possible major intestinal issues, issues I'd rather not involve my vet and large amounts of cash in. So, off to the store I ran... About a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and maybe 20 minutes of hanging out in the yard watching a not-quite-so-cheery-anymore puppy later, there was no longer an issue. Well, not an internal one anyway. Disgusting, but good to know if you ever find yourself in a similar predicament and need a quick alternative to a pricey vet call. As for the pup? He's now sleeping off his stressful morning and is sure to wake up with an even bigger appetite.

PSA over. Return to normal broadcasting.

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