Saturday, September 01, 2007

Beauty All Around

After a horrible storm last night - complete with booming thunder, pouring rain, pea-sized hail and ridiculous winds, I was overjoyed to wake up this morning to a wonderfully beautiful, sunny day! The birds were singing, the morning glories were blooming and the kitties got some outside time -> multiple critters + small trailer = great need for outside time.

I'm heading back to school this fall. I've always gone the safe route and studied practical things in order to be responsible and earn a good living. I'm tired of being the good girl and always doing what I should. I'm tired of hating what I do every day or being bored out of my mind. This time, I'm following my heart. I've enrolled in a photography course that starts in a few weeks. I'm excited to get started!

If you have a dream, don't let anyone talk you out of trying it. What's the worst that can happen? Give it a go and take a risk!

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