Monday, February 14, 2011

The hatmaker

It's all hats, all the time around here lately...

 #2 in my 2011 Pay It Forward craftiness - done!

This is the Roman Earflap Hat (Ravelry project link). I mostly followed the instructions for this one, though I did hold the yarn double throughout the crown as well since this particular yarn is rather thin in places. The ear flaps were worked with one strand in doubleknit and I opted for tassles instead of the pom poms in the pattern. =) I like the results and though this is pure alpaca, it doesn't seem as warm as I thought it would be... probably a good thing since the recipient lives in AZ and though it gets cold, it doesn't dip far below freezing. Planning to make something to go with this hat - a cowl or fingerless mitts perhaps.

 Best of all though, I got a photo of one of my handknits ON the recipient! Woo!

New big sis, Elizabeth, in her Poppy hat. I hope at some point to see a pic of Katherine in hers, but I'm elated to at least see one of them on since it's such a rarity to get pics back once handknits are mailed away. 
PS -- I'm not telling her she has it on sideways. lol Maybe she'll start a new trend. =)

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  1. Ooh, cute Poppy hat! Elizabeth looks adorable in it. :)

    The earflap hat also looks lovely. I like the colors.