Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weights and measures

I can weigh yarn... and anything else up to 5lb.

Why it took me so dang long to break down and buy a scale, I'll never know. lol But I finally did. Saw one on sale at Kroger (of all places) walking down the baking aisle. Should I want to use this for cooking, that front readout portion actually extends forward to compensate for larger bowl/container overhang and of course, there is a tare function. Unlike the small postage scale I had years ago, this one also has replaceable batteries so I won't have to chuck it when the batteries die (as I did with #1). That's one thing I try to remember to check before buying any electronic gadget these days. =) So, no more eyeballing the remnants of skeins of yarn trying to figure out how much I used or if I have enough left for a particular project - yay! Funny enough, of the ones I weighed today, I guessed pretty dang close on nearly every one! Hmm, maybe I didn't need to spend that $20 after all...

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