Saturday, February 14, 2009

Socks, socks, socks!

Finished these sitting on the tarmac in Philly waiting for takeoff coming back to Seattle. =) I hate to waste yarn, but this one was a little close for comfort. Cast-off with less than 2" to spare!! Love the socks. They were so quick and came out so soft and comfy. Great for keeping the toes toasty in my chilly hotel room!

Finally finished these too! I started the 2nd sock on the plane just after casting off the pair above and knit all the way from Philly to Seatac and got midway through turning the heel. Kinda got stalled after starting on the cuff though. Started a couple other projects in the meantime, but decided I wanted to finish these up today... and here they are!

Hmm, maybe he needs a pair of handknit socks too...


  1. Extremely nice job! You really did a great job of lining up the stripes. Congrats!
    Look forward to seeing other items from you on your blog.

  2. Nice ankle socks! I never see them knit that length, and I like it.

  3. GYG - Thanks! I tried to be sure they matched. I'm anal like that. =)

    Clara - Thank you! I love the shorter length... and not entirely because they go so much faster. haha