Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A sad day... but full of yarny deals!

I went to my favorite yarn shop for the very last time today. Not because I'm heading back to the Midwest on Friday (I am, but not the point), but because today was the first day of their closing sale. =( Luckily, I finished the office-that-would-not-end yesterday and had nothing scheduled this morning so I was able to be there when the store opened. Good thing too as I was nowhere near the first to arrive! I went in a few minutes before "opening" and there were already probably a dozen ladies standing around the shelves ready to snag whatever they had their eye on as soon as the clock struck 11. haha I did get a few great deals on yarn and then moved on to the needles to stock up on some more circs - discovered I really like using 16" circs (rather than dpns) for hats. =) Then, I moved on to the patterns and books. Patterns for a quarter? Books for $1.50-2? I'm there! I even found a brand new color wheel for $3. And I think I can still fit everything into my suitcases for the trip home Friday - space bags rock!

On a non-fiber note, I finally caved and checked out the Ross in Everett after finishing up the office there Monday and found these awesome shoes. Also snagged a couple new Ts to replace the ones I'm tossing when I leave here.

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