Sunday, November 23, 2008

Using up wool

So, yeah. I guess I've been a little obsessive lately. heh Maybe it's being back in the NW where so many are crafty... or being near so many great yarn shops... or being in a better mood because I'm finally getting 40 hours a week again and am near other people I know for a change. Or... maybe it's just the season. =) Once I got started knitting again, I couldn't stop!

I'm sorta saving the stole for the airport/plane home in a few days. Don't want it to be too awful big before then. I had the majority of a skein of wool left after fixing Reilly's sweater so I starting thinking about ways to use it up. Then I remembered a pattern I saw for a glove/mitt that fits over your hand while holding a retractable dog leash to not only keep your hand warm, but allow a firm grip on the leash, unlike gloves or mittens. Perfect for walks on chilly days. =) Not that I was going to knit that exact pattern, but it was great for inspiration!

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