Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It still needs to be blocked, but my shawl is done!

I even started a new sweater:
Yes, it's almost the end of May and I'm knitting in 100% wool.

There's been entirely too much work in my world since last Fall and not nearly enough knitting. That's going to change! I'm taking back control over my time... expect more knitting! =)


  1. Great shade of blue in the shawl. Reminds me of a tropical shade of blue.
    So how are your wrists holding up with knitting? Any carpal tunnel woes?

    1. Thanks! It's actually more green than in the pic. My cell does not like the color and I don't have the computer to handle pics from my real camera. =)

      I do have some issues with wrist/forearm pain, but it's cause more from work (10-key constantly) rather than the measly amount of knitting I get to do. :-/