Monday, March 18, 2013

oh baby

I finished up the first baby gift for my manager last night!

If/when I make another of these, I'll make a couple changes, but I think they turned out quite nicely. I just hope the bag is big enough. The baby is expected to be on the bigger size... I plan to write up my pattern notes soon. =)

And I started a pair of booties for him too:


Baby stuff is so fun! =)


  1. Karen, If I had your email addy - I can't find it...but I have a question or 2 for you about medical coding.
    My neighbor asked me what I know about it (nothing) since I work in healthcare. Literally I keep outta the insurance/coding part of work as much as possible!
    Anyways, her 19 yo daughter is considering different occupations & figured I might know something abotu medical coding. Specifically she wanted to know something about "ahima" or was it "AHIMA" ???? as well as could her daughter work from home (daughter has palsy).
    Is there any direction or advice you can offer that I can pass on to Deb about medical coding.