Sunday, January 27, 2013

update on... not so much knitting

It's been two weeks and yet, there's been minimal knitting progress. Not enough to warrant a picture of the shawl. Yes, still working way too much OT and it's sucking my knitting mojo away. I do have one thing to share:


This is the skein of yarn I won from TheKnitGirllls podcast along with a few goodies thrown in - two key chain mini skeins and a Lo-Lo Bar sample. If I ever finish that shawl, this will be a wash on the yarn - one in, one out. =) And I didn't buy it, so it doesn't count. lol

I'm in for at least one more week of lots of OT so it'll probably be a couple weeks before I post again. Maybe I'll have something done by then... =)


  1. Look at it this way, work thru the winter months...the bleak & dreary months then come Spring - ta da! Made a pile 'o cash & time to hit the open RV road! Hell even if you only drive 4 miles - might be 4 miles of something kinda cool & different. I move 4 feet & I'm in my neighbors yard. LOL

    1. lol Yeah, that was the plan, but I kinda thought it would be done by now. Looks like I'll be working a not-so-pleasant project now so I foresee my OT dropping significantly. =) I am quite far ahead on my rv payments and that was my main goal so I'm good. Annoyed, but good. lol I know next winter, I have no intention of being in this climate!