Friday, May 11, 2012

adventures in striping

Thanks to a break in work - I had work, but we were not allowed to work, waiting for possible changes to the rules that never actually changed. Yeah, thanks boss for costing me a whole day of work. :-/ This waste left me with free time on my hands yesterday and this morning so I pulled out a skein of winter white Patons wool and got to work with a plan to make some self-striping yarn. =)

What I stated with:
boring winter white skein of wool

I pulled out my swift and started wrapping:
set up for self-striping!
I used roughly a 10-yd repeat for this one for thicker stripes. I'm thinking of making a cowl with this.

Getting the colors together:
teal - 4 pkg berry blue, 1 pkg lemon lime and about 1/2 pkg grape

brown - 2 pkg lemonade, 1 pkg orange, 1 pkg grape and I added about 1/4 tsp brown Wilton's icing paste to darken the brown

After about an hr in plain water, the divided skein went into the color and into the microwave:
getting nuked

Nearly clear water took 4 2-minute stints in the microwave:
when you know you're done

teal/brown self-striping!

After I had the skein rinsed and hung to dry, I still had time on my hands... and more yarn! So I set up for a 3-stripe skein:
setting up for 3 stripes
Really glad I got this type of swift - no need to build a separate board to do this! =)

I went more basic with the colors on this one:
mixing the Kool Aid

Super simple!
in the dye headed for the microwave

And very spring-y!
purple/blue/gree self-striping!
This one was about a 6-yd repeat. I'm thinking socks. =)

Next, I'll have to do a gradient...

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