Wednesday, June 22, 2011

who me?

So... I started this bag ages (a month and a half!) ago and made some progress. I'd planned to finish it before the fiberfest, but didn't make it in time and lost my motivation so it sat, and sat, and sat... waiting for me to finish the last bits. I haven't been playing with yarn at all lately and was trying to figure out how to get back on the horse (or owl), debating starting a small, quick project to get the yarny juices flowing again when I decided yesterday to just pull something out I already had going and finish it.

who bag 4

I know! I was shocked too!

He seemed a little angry that I'd taken my own sweet time in finishing him.

who bag 5

But owls are apparently a forgiving lot and it wasn't long before he was happily mugging for the camera.

who bag 3

who bag 2

who bag 1

What a ham.

I do think I need to look into some ergonomic crochet hooks. Maybe it's the way I hold my hook - I do tend to have a death grip - or maybe it's the cotton that did it, but I get this not-so-pleasant pain at the base of my right thumb after a little while. Any suggestions?

Now, if I can just finish those socks...
(I'm not delusional enough to think the blanket will be done anytime soon.)


  1. He's gorgeous! I love how his expression changes. Hope you enjoy your new bag.

  2. Thanks, Michelle! I think he's perfect for fiber festivals - flap open, surprised look at all the yarny possibilities to start, flap closed, grumpy expression when we run out of cash. lol

  3. That is SO. DARN. COOL!

    Love, love love it!