Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cushy, fuzzy = happy kitties

The kitties are the recipients of my most recent projects. I finally pulled out the "blanket" I started back in February... decided I didn't really care if it ever got big enough to use as a blanket, stopped working the increases and crocheted about 6" more so it would roll inward for a bit of an edge. Voila! Cat bed! =)

Hmm... maybe it's a dog bed. ;-)

Still having plenty of this "suede" yarn (picked up cheap at Big Lots awhile back - a long while, heh) and few ideas what to do with it since I don't like this yarn in many patterns. I ended up holding three colors together, working in sc on a big hook, and made a pad to go into one of my hard plastic cat kennels. =^..^=

Love it! Reminds me of neopolitan ice cream, but much softer and squishier. =) I think this would actually make a great rug. I'll probably get ahold of some cotton chenille in colors to match my bathroom after I move and just get some rubber shelf liner to keep them from sliding around... though I'm sure the kitties would prefer I skip the backer. lol

Finishing that blanket into a bed? Yeah, that was my last old project sitting. I now have exactly one WIP... and I'm slowly working on the handle for that. =) I've always been one who has multiple WIPs at once, but I think I'm turning into a one- or two-project-at-a-time crafter. I'm loving not having a bunch of old projects lying around.


  1. Such cute animals! They are lucky indeed.

  2. Those mats look awesomely squishy. :) Cute projects! And very luck quadrupeds.

  3. That would be lucky. Stupid sticky y key.