Saturday, September 11, 2010

a lack of yarniness, but lots of indecisiveness

I just realized that since I finished my crochet bag, I haven't even touched any yarn. None. Haven't even had an urge to play with yarn. I have been spending more time of late on photo-based ventures however so maybe that's the cause. I've also been cooking a bit more - vegan lasagna anyone? Yum! I'm sure my knitting- and crochet-mojo will return once the temps start to dip once again.

I've also started to pack... though I still haven't completely decided exactly where I'm moving. I can't decide. Seattle area? Portland/Vancouver area? Both areas have so many pros on the list and really, very few cons... they balance each other out. The weather's even pretty similar (and I don't really mind the rain). I just can't decide! Every time I think I've made a decision, something pops up and makes me lean the other way. I think the hardest part is that I know I could be very happy with either choice. So what to do? Pick one out of a hat? heh Seriously, any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Sometimes the hardest decisions are between 2 good choices. Portland is marginally closer to me. :)

  2. I like Portland better. (I've lived in both). It feels like a friendlier town, and is really food oriented. Seattle can be AWESOME, but there is a fair bit of snooty pretentiousness there, which drives me crazy.

  3. Melissa - True. =)

    Virginia - Funny, that's pretty much the opinion of all my friends who've been to both places (and mine as well). =)