Friday, October 23, 2009

Hand cozies... a couple new WIPs

So.far.behind. heh Yeah, I need to post more often... but I've been busy. =) Knitting, having fun, traveling (yeah, big shock there). So the knitting's first...

I finished my fingerless gloves. LOVE them! I made a couple alterations to the pattern (Ravelry link). I moved the cables down to the wrist so I'd have the stretch where it was needed and I left 6 (12 really) live stitches: so I could go back and add a real thumb:
And absolutely LOVE the results!
These have even come in handy already! I worked an office Monday that was super cold and ended up wearing my jacket and these gloves in the office! SO cozy...
I also started a couple new projects this week. There's my new capelet:
Wasn't completely sure I'd love the boucle, but I actually really like how this is knitting up. Love the color. Nice and cushy feel and seems like it'll be really toasty. Knitting on US sz10s, this should be a fairly quick knit... ya know, if I hadn't gotten distracted by these:

A friend has been hinting (well, more than hinting heh) that she'd like a pair of fingerless gloves too... and loves purple. haha What else could I do?! Found this great self-striping sock yarn in shades of purple and grey and off I went. I'm halfway through the second after an office cancellation in the middle of my day yesterday. Whew! Thank goodness I had these in my handbag or I'd have been really annoyed at the forced 2-hr lunch. Beautiful day to sit and knit for a couple hours. =) And I stumbled across a really nice little yarn shop just down the street from my next office. Anne's Yarn Shop. Nice surprise after the last place I checked out in the area. Friendly owner and a good selection on mid-priced yarns along with some free classes and a knit night open to all. So, if you're in the area, check her out! We have to keep the good shops around! (Yeah, I helped. heh Picked up a couple skeins of some alpaca/cotton blend in yummy colors.)

I know. Like I needed more yarn? Whatever. I have a very specific plan for those two!
Next up... catching up on non-yarny fun! Later! =)


  1. Gorgeous! All of those colors you're using are beautiful. Functional things are so fun to knit, aren't they? Love my hand right hand gets absolutely frigid when I'm on the computer.

  2. Ooh, love the new yarns.

    And the hand cozies look gorgeous! I might have to make some.

  3. Theresa - Thanks! I do enjoying knitting things that will actually be used and loved rather than set aside for a "special" occasion.

    Virginia - If you make these, I'd probably work in a thumb gusset instead... or at least add an extra 4 stitches to give more "give" for the thumb. They're awesome as is, but aren't there always changes for the next one? =)

  4. Very sweet! I just stumbled on your blog and was psyched to see you made the same pattern I did a while back--jinx! It's much prettier in the variegated yarn you used.

  5. Thanks, yoel. I really do think they turned out rather nicely. I wasn't so sure about using variegated yarn for this pattern, but I'm very happy with the results! =)